Shoppers Hit Stores For Black Friday

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UPDATE 11/29/2013 4:50 PM

Word is, holiday shopping was a big hit Friday in downtown Marietta.

Front Street was packed Friday.

Shoppers said they enjoyed being there instead of with the crowds Thursday night.

There was no pushing and shoving on Front Street.

Parking was slim Friday as shoppers enjoyed the extremely warm weather for this time of year.

They packed the shops and grabbed deals with that one-on-one service; something you don't usually find in the corporate world, but for the shoppers Friday, that was their favorite part.

Each business brings such a unique piece to the puzzle in historic Marietta.

Business owners were very excited about the turn out.

The shopping doesn't stop Friday.

Small business Saturday is the 30th.

At the Marietta Walmart, shopping turned chaotic Thursday night.

Police say it was the worst they've seen in years, with yelling, pushing, shoving and more.

Marietta Police say Walmart hired four officers for security Thursday night and it was much needed.

One argument broke out over a Furby toy.

Police arrested and took a man to jail who had been drinking.

That man was also said to be yelling at employees in the produce section.

Police say all the commotion lead to unhappy shoppers in the middle of a very hectic scene, even involving fighting.

"I think it's just there is a lot of materialistic people in the world and they value things over people sometimes," says Marietta Police Captain Jeff Waite. "We got there at 4:00 and things were slow, but by 6:00 it had filled up and by 8:00, it was, parking lot was full, carts were all out. At one point they actually had to lock the doors and turn people away because there was so many."

Captain Waite says the police were able to stop the fights before they got too bad, but it was a mad house.

Police had to reason with shoppers, explaining if they can't get it now, they can always come back another time.

Thanksgiving Day is the eve of Black Friday.

For many area shoppers, it's that time of year again to score the biggest deals at your favorite retailers.

Kmart opened at 6 Thanksgiving morning.

The deals stopped at 5:00 p.m. and started back up at 7:00 Thanksgiving night.

Kmart employees say there were around 80 people there Thanksgiving morning, many looking for electronics, like tablets and televisions.

People are also trying to get a bargain on Christmas trees.

People have mixed emotions, however, about businesses being open on Thanksgiving Day.

As we know, more and more retailers are opening up earlier and earlier.

This isn't the first year Kmart was open on Thanksgiving.

Many shoppers say they went out on Thursday to avoid the crowds Friday.

It was pretty quiet around 3 p.m. Thursday but employees expected it to pick up Thursday night, especially when the sales started at 6 Friday morning.

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