Showcasing Their Woodcraft

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Some local carvers took their wood work to a whole new level Saturday morning.

The Geppetto Woodcarvers Club held their Carvers on the Porch event at the Parkersburg Woodcraft store.

Club members demonstrated their woodcraft to the public.

They even offer tips and advice while showing off their artwork.

There were also some great woodcraft inside the store as people got to see a miniature carved circus parade and Native American themes.

"To me, the most important thing is to get other people interested so they can share the joy that we all get from carving. It's a great thing to just take a piece of wood and end up with something that look like not a piece of wood, a bird, an animal," says Jimmy Clark.

A full moon saloon was also on exhibit inside the Woodcraft of Parkersburg store.

It included a scene featuring caricatures of likely patrons at a western saloon.

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