Showing Their Self Expression Through Art

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A client's self-expression it was the theme of the Westbrook Health Services event Thursday night.

It's all part of their first ever Gallery Show at the Parkersburg Art Center.

Ten adult clients from Westbrook show their true feelings by drawing various pictures and building bowls and plates out of clay.

The show is a great way to transform the stigma of behavioral health.

"This Art Show really means success. Sometimes we forget that people that are struggling with behavioral health issues have positives, we focus too much on the negatives way too often and it's just so great to see that adults with mental health issues can come together," says Westbrook Health Services Marketing Coordinator, Liz Ford.

Westbrook also celebrated their 65th anniversary of service to the community.

Mike Veny was there with a special performance of his "Drum Your Feelings".

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