Sidewalk Debate Continues

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More talks about doing business on the sidewalks in Marietta.

Marietta City Council continued discussion about restaurants and shops downtown being able to sell and serve on the sidewalks.

Officials debated the issue of how much space needs to be available for people to walk safely by and what the penalities should be if businesses don't comply.

One businessman David Haney said he'd like to see the issue tabled because not enough business owners downtown are aware of all the details and debate.

"I'm not happy with the way this ordnance in drawn, I think the punishment section is an overkill. I think there should be a section in their about the sidewalk signs because right now it's sort of in limbo, so the merchants know what they can and can't do," said David Haney, Front St. Property Owner.

The council is bringing up both sidewalk and vendor topics at their next meeting on July 3rd.

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