Sinkhole at Oak Grove Cemetery

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It's a huge part of Marietta's history and it's literally sliding down hill.

Oak Grove Cemetery is big, totaling 55 acres of tombstones, old buildings, grass to cut and a drainage system to constantly clear out, and most recently a sinkhole.

Marietta Cemeteries Coming Alive group says the repair and upkeep is a 40 year, $20 million project.

"All these drains have got to be cleaned and then kept clean, otherwise we are going to continue to have vast amounts of damage like that sink hole and that sink hole will return because there is a drain coming in and a drain going out but it's clogged on both sides," says city councilman Roger Kalter.

Kalter says they are trying to get the conversation going to create awareness, helping with the repairs, raising money and more to keep the history alive.

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