Six Siblings Meet For the First Time

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Call it a Christmas miracle.

Six siblings separated at birth meet for the first time decades later.

Tim Arthur was adopted two weeks after he was born in Chicago and he was raised in Parkersburg.

His adoptive mother told him he may have two or three siblings out there somewhere, but he was never able to find them.

Then, nine weeks ago, he got a call from a "search angel" who discovered that Tim has three brothers and two sisters.

At 57, he's the oldest and his youngest sibling is 46.

They all met for the first time last weekend in Pigeon Forge, where they rented a cabin for the weekend.

Tim says he couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift.

"It's just, it's amazing," he says. "You can't put words to it. You don't really think about it until it happens and now I've got all these brothers and sisters and what do you say? It's a miracle."

Turns out, it was Tim's brother Mike who pursued the search angel.

So even though Tim is the oldest he let Mike sit at the head of the dinner table during their reunion last weekend, saying he gets all the credit for reuniting them.

Believe it or not, this story does get better.

Thursday Tim heard from the search angel, who says she found three of his half-siblings on his biological mother's side.

Tim says he and his siblings have been constantly texting and they don't plan to lose touch, even though they are spread out all over the country.

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