Small Business Saturday

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Shop local.

You may have seen the signs urging consumers to spend money at home to help boost local economies.

It's a winning cycle. Buy from those who put it back into the community.

"The benefit that we have is the people that own our small businesses are making a difference in our town. They're taking care of our charitable organizations, they're involved in groups and organizations. They volunteer. It matters when you shop with them so that they can turn around and give back to the community as well," says Teri Ann's owner Teri Ann Pfeffer.

But a big problem facing our nation is struggling small businesses.
From taxes to health insurance and beyond, many owners are finding it hard to survive in this economic climate.

Towns once littered with local storefronts are now overrun with super centers and parking lots.

"The big thing with small business is you tend to forget about them sometimes. And then when you need them, because you've forgotten about them they're gone. And you miss, like a lot of the stores when I was a kid here growing up aren't here anymore. And you wish they were still here for the convenience of not having to go to a bigger city to get what you need," says Putnam Chocolates owner Shane Danford.

After Thanksgiving deals and early Christmas celebrations bring big crowds and even bigger spenders.

"The traffic that came right before the parade and right after the parade was immense. Lot of kids, lot of families. Everybody's happy. It's a good, happy time," says Pfeffer.

But some may ask, why shop local?

"It just matters. If you think about any of the shopping centers, they mimic what we have. They are a street full of shops with flowers, and pretty street scapes, and decorations and people on the streets. That's what we have. We should be thrilled they are mimicking what we have," says Pfeffer.

Putnam Chocolates in Marietta sees a 50% increase in sales on Small Business Saturday alone.

They say it's a perfect way for people to get their holiday orders in for December.

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