Small Business Struggles After Storm

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UPDATE 4:16 pm 7/25/2012

Slowly but surly a Parkersburg business is rebuilding after the storm.

Beverly Yeager, owner of the Daily Grind, says she's working to get everything back up and running. The coffee cafe was supposed to open a few weeks ago but couldn't because of the end of late June storm that swept through the area.

Yeager says Monday through Friday she working partial hours... opening around 11-30 and staying open until around 6. She says she anticipates a grand re-opening sometime in the next two weeks.
The Daily Grind in Parkersburg is still trying to recover from the June 29 storm. The doors remain closed with hopes of opening again soon after recovering.

While closing up shop for the day at her restaurant, the Daily Grind, Beverly Yeager couldn't even close the front door before the storm rolled in.

That was eleven days ago and Yeager is still unable to open back up.
The Daily Grind opening just over a year ago.

"I'm just starting out, I've noticed the small businesses specifically downtown, they're a little older and settled and probably have saved up more," says Yeager.

So a storm leaving them with no power, spoiled food, and a big mess didn't help matters.

"Most people at home lost their refrigerated products and some of their freezer," explains Yeager, "I had five refrigerated appliances and I lost everything."

But it's not just the empty freezers, everyday the Daily Grind is closed is another day without incoming sales and new customers.

"I'm going to guess five thousand (in costs), but to open back up it would be less than that," says Yeager.

In the meantime, Yeager has been cleaning up the mess and now with power, can reorder food.

"It'll work out regardless, I'm going to make it happen, it's just a matter of when," continues Yeager.

Without any outside help being available, Yeager is turning to the community hoping for loyalty when the restaurant opens its doors again.

"I just like what I do and I want to stay a part of the community for years," says Yeager.

Yeager is selling gift certificates for the restaurant to help get their feet back on the ground to buy one of those call: (304)893-5911.

The Daily Grind hopes to open back up on Monday.

To see the Daily Grind's full story and struggle visit:

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