Small Businesses Using Social Media

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Keeping up with the times means new ways of marketing.
Local businesses has become a fan of social media.

"We've used it for informational purposes, not only for events and discount but just whats going on in Schafer Leather story, or just history tidbits or just fun things that keep people connected," explains the manager of Schafer Leather Store Karen Briley.

Facebook and twitter updates have become part of the everyday marketing for many businesses.

"We have a lot of out of town shoppers that we know come in maybe once a month or so and that gives them a good idea of whats going to be happening in the store or if they want to hurry to town because we're going to have something special going on," says the co manager of Twisted Sister Boutique, Suzy Ardrickson.

Small businesses say it's a way they can compete with larger corporations. It's a way to show they're different and prove the personal service you get in the store.

"It gives you that casual connection, like Hey just wanted to let you know we went to a trade show, got all kinds of new stuff coming in. Kind of creates excitement, it creates a little reminder," says Briley

But it's not just about the marketing, it's about interacting-- and having fun too.

"So where have your boots been just trying to create some, you know here are my boots down at the stern wheel festival posed up there, then next thing you know we get hits from friends that are in Colorado... Our boots are on top of this and they've taken pictures, they've posted on Facebook, they've sent us messages," explains Briley.

"So on Friday nights at five o'clock if you come in and you're the first one that wants to dance for us all you have to do is allow us to put it on Facebook and share with everyone and it's a fifteen dollar gift certificate," continues Andrickson.

Updating statuses and tweeting a picture could mean interacting with your favorite store.

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