UPDATE: Smart Networks Up And Running In Washington County

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UPDATE 1/15/2014 10:05 AM

The project is finally ready, every tower set and the majority of Washington County now has access to high-speed internet.

Smart Networks is now starting the process of installing customers throughout Washington County.

Everything started in August of 2012 and as of December 2013 all fifteen towers are ready to go.

Until now parts of Washington County struggled with still having dial up.

"The majority of Washington County can. All the way from New Matamoras, all the way to the other side of Culter,up into the Beverly and even down into the Little Hocking, even up in Lower Salem," said Chad Henson, Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Henson says if you do need internet in Washington County and you are living in a place that the other providers can't help, they are here to help.

To sign up call 740-236-1673 or go to the website listed below.


They are working on bringing high speed internet service to all of Washington County.

Smart Networks currently has seven towers up around Washington County, delivering high speed internet service to homes.

The company was picked by the Washington County Commissioners to complete the job.

The company says they are currently working on putting up towers in New Matamoras and Newport, however there is no set date yet for completion.

The company says this is important for families that still only have access to dial up.

"Not only does it give you a choice between DSL or cable but also the initiative really is to go into areas where there might not be DSL or cable and you might only have access to dial up or satellite internet. So we are trying to bring affordable wireless connection to your house," said Chad Henson with Smart Networks.

Henson says for more updates on the project you can check their facebook page or call the office.

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