Snow Going?

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Motorists we spoke to didn't find any problems themselves with roads, as they headed north and south on interstate 77. But that doesn't mean they didn't have any delays in getting where they were going.

"I started out and saw a wreck within the first 45 minutes, where someone lost control," said Greg Fogle, from Charlotte, North Carolina. "It's a little cold, chilly and wet."

This may be territory a lot of drivers have to get used to again, after last year's mild winter. But not everyone was having problems with "the other guy".

"They're driving good, though. There's hardly any traffic," said Ellie Dudukovich, from Oberlin, Ohio. "Because people are still at work, and the kids are still in school."

People who are traveling on interstate 77 are either heading north or south on vacation. Not all of them are heading that far in either direction.

"I'm just picking my mother up for the holidays, and bringing her back home," according to Jim Rodgers, from Huntington.

Says Sharon Sprague, from Norwalk, Ohio: " I just went to Marietta to pick up someone."

Depending on where you're heading, there could be more snow than there is now. but it may still be better than what has fallen to the west of us.

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