Snow Can Help Solve Crime

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While the snow may cause its fair share of problems, it's helping some local authorities catch criminals.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office identified a suspect last week based on foot prints he left in the snow.

It happened after a woman reported her antique corn planter had gone missing.

They followed the shoe prints to a nearby home and found a man wearing the same pair.

But snow isn't the only place law enforcement officials find shoe prints.

"I've had a latent shoe impression in dust, I've had it in mud, I've had it... You know, on a kitchen floor," said Major Mark Warden with the Washington County Sheriff's Office. "But that's what you're trained to look for."

Warden says the down fall of finding shoe prints in snow is that the temperature and texture of the snow need to be just right for them to remain.

He says ideally, the weather will get colder after a print is left so it freezes.

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