Snow Clean-Up Equipment Put to the Test

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With salt trucks and snow plows on the roads for so much of the season, some fleets have taken a pretty hard beating.

West Virginia's Division of Highways has seen a few trucks break so far down due to overuse.

That's why the agency says it takes preventative measures based on the number of hours a vehicle has been used.

That means checking everything from oil to air filters.

"We try to save as much money as we can with the vehicles because the fleet gets updated pretty regularly but we have to hold onto all the older equipment, explained Wayne Nichols, Highway Equipment Specialist for the West Virginia Division of Highways. "So, the longer we can change the oil and change the fluids and keep the fleet running the more money we save."

Nichols says this winter has put all of the trucks to the test. The oldest trucks in the lot are about fifteen years old.

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