Snowy, Icy Roads Cause Multiple Wrecks

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It's not a good start to the new year in our area, as there were a number of wrecks Thursday night.

It was a very dangerous and busy night all over the Valley.

It was a busy night for the Parkersburg Police and Fire Departments as they were dispatched to more than 30 different accidents throughout the city Thursday night.

One of them was out on Broad Street at the Parkersburg YMCA which involved up to nine cars.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Traffic was at a stand still for about an hour as salt trucks cleared the street.

"If people don't have to travel, please don't be out," says Parkersburg Police Sgt Greg Collins. "Show a little bit more courtesy. We've seen a lack of courtesy sometimes. We've had people stuck on a hillside and just a real lack of courtesy from other drivers and we could use a little bit more of that."

Sgt. Collins says crews were out all night long. There's just so much area to cover and the amount of wrecks made it difficult for crews to get around.

Police say be careful on hills and bridges, which caused most of the problems Thursday night.

One important thing is if you do see a wreck, be cautious.

The officers responding are putting themselves in danger anytime they're at the scene of a wreck, so slow down and take your time.

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