Some Businesses Profit, Others Fall Behind From Cold Weather

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The cold is here to stay for a couple more days.

That means people are running to the hardware store for supplies and not running to the restaurants.

At Apex True Value in Marietta they aren't seeing the numbers they were during the last polar vortex.

But people have still been piling in and they are running low on stock, even completely out of some items.

A lot of the problem during the last cold spell was burst pipes.

People had the same problem this time as well and managers say people are coming in for heat strips and they are sold out.

So customers are running into stores like True Value for cold weather supplies, keeping them busy.

Restaurants, however, are seeing a low.

"It goes in a hurry when it gets cold... today has been heat tapes, they've, you know, frozen when it gets down to zero, their water lines freeze," says Lew Hanes, manager at Apex True Value.

"People sometimes chase the weather, it's funny it just sometimes goes in different trends, although when it's this bitter cold, yesterday was an extremely bad day, it was slow. Probably one of the slowest we have seen in a long time," says Chris Bender, owner of Da Vinci's in Williamstown.

Bender says it always picks up again, however, during these cold temperatures, they have to watch where they seat people, shutting off some rooms because of the low numbers and heating costs.

At Apex people are coming in for batteries, gas stoves, pipe fitings, flashlights, thermometers, salt and shovels.

The dock formman loading everyone's cars says Wednesday was busy, Tuesday was crazy and he's prepared for it to continue throughout the week.

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