Some Students In School On Presidents' Day

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Banks, federal employees and normally public schools get Presidents' Day off.

This year, snow days forced a change.

Some kids still got the day off, but others got back to work.

A federal holiday usually means a three day weekend but Monday for many schools around the Valley, that didn't happen.

They've already had so many days off administrators decided they needed to be in class Monday.

In Wood County there was school.

Superintendent Dr. James Law says an instruction day for teachers was already on the calendar.

They got together and decided they have missed so many days it has put a serious strain on the school system and the students' education and this was a perfect way to make one up.

"In the calendar in the past it has counted as an instructional day we decided to make it a real instructional day bring the children in so we can make up for a little bit of this time," says Dr. Law.

Over in Ohio; however, it was a mixture.

Marietta and Warren were not in session, while Belpre and Fort Frye were.

School superintendents from Ohio and West Virginia say this is the worst winter they have dealt with in a long time.

Superintendent Law says they have used up all the days already that they tack onto the end of the school year.

So that means any more school days they are out they may not be able to even make up.

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