Southeastern Ohio Dairy Barn Celebrates 100 Years

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An historic landmark celebrates 100 years in Athens County.

The Southeastern Ohio Dairy Barn is marking its centennial with a series of community displays.

Tuesday barn staff thanked their volunteers by treating the group to a private exhibit and lunch.

The centennial display features the barn's early years, when it served as the Athens Asylum's dairy, to its present day role as a cultural arts center.

"The Dairy Barn has always been a place of creativity and innovation," says Jane Forrest Redfern, executive director of the Southeastern Ohio Dairy Barn. "When it was an actual dairy barn, it had some of the most productive dairy cows in the world."

The barn was saved from destruction in the 70's and became an arts center in 1978.

In the new year, Redfern says the barn will undergo structural renovations.

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