Southeastern Ohio Port Authority Partners with Mark Mondo

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The partnership is expected to bring jobs, help existing company's and bring new ones to the area.

The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority looked at two proposals earlier this summer for the land on Route 7 in Reno.

They are moving forward to partner with local company Mark Mondo

The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority's Secretary and Treasurer David Haas says the port authority wanted the proposal with the most public benefit.

Mondo's company has plans for a veterans memorial and business park. Hopefully bringing in new company's to the area, expanding others and creating new jobs.

Congressmen Bill Johnson and US Senator Rob Portman co-authored a letter to speed up the sale of this property to the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority.

"Congressmen Johnson and Senator Portman have been a great help in moving this project forward, advising us and helping us to move this forward. As you can well imagine, dealing with the federal government and trying to take a property of this and turn it into something more useable for the private sector is a big challenge," said David Haas.

The land now has to be bought from the federal government, leased to Mondo and Mondo starts development.

The improvements and revenue Mondo makes then go back to the Port Authority.

Congressmen Bill Johnson was contacted about the topic and he issued this statement below:

"Earlier this week, Senator Portman and I sent a letter to the GSA in an effort to speed up the sale of an excess federal property to the Southeast Ohio Port Authority. This transaction, which has the overwhelming support of community leaders, will allow the Port Authority to sell the abandoned Washington Co. Memorial U.S. Army Forces Reserve Center in Reno to private investors. The sale would convert the unused property into a veterans memorial and business park, and create sorely needed jobs in Southeastern Ohio. I appreciate Senator Portman joining me in this effort to cut through onerous, bureaucratic red tape, and create a lasting community benefit," said Congressmen Bill Johnson.

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