Southwood Zipline

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Adrenaline junkies, here's your next rush -- zipline could be coming to Southwood Park.

"I would do it here definitely and it would really enhance this park,” says Marilyn Cowan, visiting from Orlando.

They’re trying to make it work.

"Looking toward that feasibility to see if the idea will fit,” says Tracy Newberry, parks and recreation supervisor for the city of Parkersburg.

It’s fun right in our own backyard.

"Well, it can be a revenue producer, bring more people into the parks,” says Randy Smith, president of Inner Quest Inc., a Purcellville, Va. adventure company working with the city. “There are no ziplines in the immediate area here, so this'll be something that folks can access without having to travel a long distance.”

It’s a nifty way to get across town and a bird's-eye view at that.

"Oh, it'd be sweet; it'd be real fun for the kids and the adults,” says Mike Briggs, of New Matamoras. “Me and my little girl be here, we'd definitely do that.”

“It’s a great idea, everything that they can do to bring a little bit more fun to the kids during the summertime,” says Jason Tefft, of Washington.

“That be very cool 'cause people can zip over and see if there's any fish in there,” says Jimmy, of Orlando.

It means more outdoor recreation opportunities and healthy exercise.

“If properly constructed and maintained and operated it's a safe entity,” Newberry says.

Time to produce a project like this varies greatly depending on how complex it is.

First the city has to approve it before they can move forward.

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