West Virginia's Birthday To Be Celebrated on Blennerhassett Island

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Update 6/17/2015 5:45 P.M.

This Saturday is the 152nd anniversary of West Virginia's statehood.

It's being celebrated at-among other places-Blennerhassett Island.

The activities begin at 1:00 Saturday afternoon with Civil War era music, and will include a portrayal of President Abraham Lincoln.

Some musical events also are planned for Sunday.

" We will have ' Picking in the Park'," says Activities Director Pam Salisbury. "We are looking for musicians who like to play traditional folk music and Appalachian music. If they're interested in that, come to the museum ( Sunday), bring your instrument, and we'll go over to the island, and we'll let those people go free on the boat ride."

For Saturday's events, sternwheelers will leave Point Park each hour for the island.

That schedule, however, might be affected by the weather this weekend.

Island management suggests you call the museum ahead of time to check on schedules.

The number for the Blennerhassett Island Historical Museum is (304) 420-4800.

UPDATE 6/20/2014 5:45 PM

West Virginia celebrates another birthday - 150 years.

At Blennerhasset Island State Park the festivities are just beginning.

And it'll be a weekend long celebration at Blennerhasset Island.

Friday some local choirs kicked off the event.

Hundreds boarded the sternwheeler to take it all in.

State park reps were happy with the turnout.

"Whether they're traveling form a distance or have lived here their whole lives, I hope that they will discover what an exciting historical site they have in their backyard. They like history brought to life I think. It's very exciting because the whole Mid-Ohio Valley is rich in history," says historian Ray Swick.

As with any birthday celebration visitors were treated to cake and ice cream.

More to come over the weekend out on Blennerhassett, including baseball the way it was played back in the 1800s.

The state of West Virginia turns 151 and there will be plenty of celebration at Blennerhassett Island.

Fun for families and history buffs.

A quick trip on the sternwheeler can be a trip back in time.

Visitors can hop on the boat this weekend and get a taste of battle re-enactments, even a look at America's favorite pastime, as they'll stage a 1860's style baseball game.

And all the old school rules will apply.

Visitors can also look forward to a barn dance, all followed up with another battle re-enactment on Sunday.

"This is why state parks are here. For the enjoyment of the guests, for the citizens of West Virginia. Not only is this weekend an event for them to enjoy, it's an event for them to learn about their state," says Matt Baker, park superintendent.

The state birthday celebration kicks off Friday afternoon with music, cake and ice cream.

And the parks department says it'll be an authentic look at the history of the state.

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