Special Olympics Run

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Law enforcement officers from around the valley put their running shoes on for the Special Olympics. The program has a long and celebrated history.

It’s the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) for Special Olympics, the largest and most successful grass-roots fundraiser and awareness builder.

Local officers wanted to show their support for the 2013 summer games taking place the weekend of June 7–9.

“We were fortunate enough to have several law enforcement officers from the area come out and put forth some effort, some sweat and a lot of energy to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics West Virginia,” says CEO John Corbett. “Particularly our summer games, which are happening this weekend in Charleston.”

Corbett says there are Special Olympics athletes not only from the Parkersburg area but from all over West Virginia. They're arriving in Charleston to give them a chance to compete, show their courage and achieve personal goals.

Scott Carpenter with the Parkersburg Police Department says it's just a good community event to get people aware of the Special Olympics and hopefully donate to the cause.

“This is the 28th year the torch run has been here in West Virginia,” Carpenter says. “We were able to get several correctional officers and police officers from the area. St. Mary's Correctional Facility (and) Parkersburg Police Department participated this year.”

Officers say it takes a lot of money to run the summer games and the torch run is designed specifically for that.

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