Special Speaker For Black History Month Dinner at Marietta College

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As we are well into Black History Month, a special guest Monday evening at Marietta College spoke to a group of students at the annual Black History Month Dinner

Poet and writer Ekere Tallie travels the country sharing her work which focuses on women, racism, creativity and the healing power of art.

And during the month of February her main goal is spreading the message that black history is American history and should be studied and celebrated all year long, and how it's important to learn all aspects of history in order to study and learn from them.

"A lot of times I think people run away from the more difficult things that there are in history and I think the first thing we have to be able to do is face it. Be able to face some of the uglier things that have happened so we can study, right," she says.

Tallie is the poetry editor of the magazine "African Voices" and has taught English in many colleges around New York City.

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