Spider Ridge Road Residents Concerned About Power Outage

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One-hundred plus unhappy customers with Mon Power just outside Parkersburg.

A big tree has them down and frustrated on Spider Ridge Road in Wood County.

The tree is over the power lines and shut down almost the whole road.

Neighbors say the fire department had to sit and watch it all night.

The road crews didn't come until Wednesday morning to set up the road closed sign and they say Mon Power has only come up once to take a look.

"We can't get any help up here, we are the last ones on the list to get anything. There's no need of them people cutting trees in City Park when there is people up here that doesn't have power," says Roy Wells.

One woman living in Stone Creek, off of Spider Ridge, says they lost power for nine days after the derecho and she worries it will happen again.

The neighborhood is hidden and she's afraid the company doesn't realize how many people are out.

She is heading out to get a generator and multiple other neighbors did the same.

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