Spreading Their Concern About U.S. Soldiers Fighting In The War In Syria

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It was a night to chow down on pizza and talk about a specific current event involving our nation for students at Marietta College Thursday night.

Many students made their way to Thomas Hall eating pizza and listening in on the U.S. soldier's possibility of fighting in the war in Syria.

Doctor Mark Schaefer and Political Science Associate Professor, Michael Tager, were there to take questions and concerns students have of the soldiers getting involved in the war.

It's all part of the college's Current Event Series.

"I thought they asked some great questions. We had a woman who formerly served in the military who asked a great question. They're very sharp and come with a lot of interest and knowledge," says Tager.

There will be another Current Event Series at Thomas Hall on September 19th.

The topic will involve the issue of privacy and civil liberties versus national security agencies.