St. Joe's Nurses React to Closing

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"I am very saddened by it, this is like my home place, it makes me teary to talk about it," says recovery room nurse Connie Rawson, who has been with St. Joe's Hospital for 31 years. "I never thought in all my years that I worked here that I would see this happen and everyone's fearful."

It's been a mix of emotions for the nurses at St. Joe's as they prepare for the next chapter.

"I'm not concerned at all, it takes X amount of people to take care of an X amount of patient population, so whether you do it in two buildings or one building you still need the same amount of staff to do it," says ICU staff nurse Derrick Rost.

Cardiovascular ICU nurse Brandy Anderson hasn't thought about what St. Joe's closing means to her career and says she doesn't want to. In the meantime, she's going strong taking care of her open heart patients but is concerned about the future of the program.

"We're just concerned with the fact of whether this heart program will continue and whether it will be as important to them as it is to us here at this hospital," Anderson says.

With such an unstable economy, Rawson says everyone is fearful whether they're going to have a job once the consolidation is complete. She calls it a sad situation that's hit the staff hard.

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