St. Marys Robbery Suspect Getting Served

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On July 13, Ian Chojnacki tried to rob a St. Marys convenient store with little success.

St. Marys Police say about 3:15 am, Chojnacki went into the Go Mart on Route 2. He claimed to have a gun and repeatedly asked for money.

When the clerk didn't give him the funds and called the police instead... Chojnacki took off.

WTAP posted the suspects picture on our website and according to Officer J.A. Reed of the SMPD, that is what helped catch him. Reed thanked us for the assistance.

The suspect will be served an arrest warrant Thursday afternoon, July 26 on attempted robbery in the second degree, a felony.

Choinacki should be in court within 10 days of being served.

He is currently being held at the Western Regional Jail in Cabell County on unrelated charges.