St. Patrick's Day Safety

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Don't press your luck this St. Patrick's Day.

Another big drinking holiday and the message is still the same - buzzed driving is drunk driving.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is pushing that message this weekend as we approach St. Patrick's Day.

Designate a sober driver.

The patrol will be working overtime throughout the state all weekend, looking for drunk drivers.

Last year on St. Patrick's Day, no one was killed in a traffic crash in Ohio.

That was the first time in five years.

"We want people to understand just a few drinks doesn't mean you're not over the limit, doesn't mean you're not impaired," says Sgt. Garic Warner, with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "It's just not worth it, it's so easy to get a designated driver, call a cab, walk, do what you have to do to not drink and drive."

Expect more troopers out on the road, also city police and the sheriff departments.

Sgt. Warner warns drivers who are just out and about to be careful and always practice defensive driving.

On top of all of this the Ohio Investigative Unit will be out.

Officers in plain clothes will be watching for underage drinking or people serving those not old enough to drink.

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