UPDATE: Police Arrest Man to End Meigs County Stand Off

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UPDATE: 5/21/2013 3:42 PM

After more than 24 hours, the stand off in Meigs County is over.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says multiple teams went into the home and arrested Jack Ritchie.

Sheriff Mincks says teams used tear gas and were able to apprehend Ritchie and recover the weapon without an injuries.

Authorities say the situation stemmed from a dispute between Ritchie and one of his employees. It quickly escalated. At that point, Ritchie barricaded himself inside his Meigs County home on State Route 248. He was armed with a shotgun.

Officials say he threatened to kill people with his shotgun, pointing it in the faces of both deputies and civilians involved in the stand off.

It is possible that Ritchie went of his medication. He is currently in custody and being checked by a doctor.

Ritchie could be charged with aggravated menacing, but no official charges have been released.

State Route 248 is now open.

A Meigs County Sheriff release says many different agencies were involved including Athens County SRT, Gallia County SRT, Washington County SRT, Fairfield Hocking and Logan SRT, Ohio State Highway Patrol, MeigsCountyEMS, Meigs EMA, Chester and Bashan Volunteer Fire Departments and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says a stand-off with a Meigs County man who still has himself barricaded in his home is still continuing this morning.

The road on State Route 248 just outside of Chester is still blocked off.

Along with Meigs County authorities, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Washington County, Athens County, and Fairfield/Hocking are also responding.

According to Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks, the Special Response team was called at about noon Monday.

Jack Ritchie has barricaded himself in his home on State Route 248 outside Chester. The road is closed both ways.

Sheriff Mincks says Ritchie is armed with at least a shotgun. A negotiator has made contact, but they're still in a standoff.

Meigs County officials say they've had contact with Ritchie several times in the past.

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