State Farm Promotes Safe Driving

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State Farm agents join with law enforcement officers to teach new drivers the dangers of getting behind the wheel impaired.

A course made up of 10 stations makes for quite an educational experience.

Teenagers wear fatal vision goggles which simulate drunk driving.
Then they have to complete a winding course while driving a golf cart.
It's a safe way to show just how dangerous driving can be.

"As a parent the most important thing in my life is my children. And if I can keep one child from going and texting and drinking and driving and getting killed...if I can keep that from happening then it's well worth my time and effort," says State Farm Agent and organizer Dan McPherson.

Typically this event is reserved for drivers education classes, but this year and for future years it's a public event.

Organizers say turnout was great, but hope for more in years to come as the program continues to grow.

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