Staying Fit in 2013

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New fitness goals for the new year.

It's all part of their New Year's resolution.

Family Fitness Center Manager, Pat Perine is pleased with members maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

"It's encouraging to see people becoming more health conscious as the new year starts. i think with the obesity epidemic, a lot of people are on and everything like that, people definitely are seeing the reasons to become healthy."

The Family Fitness Center along with Planet Fitness have something for everyone from personal trainers to classes.

A friendly environment is important.

"We offer a lot of classes that you can come in and it's a little bit of socializing along with a lot of workout," says Family Fitness Center Lifeguard, Matt Lutz.

"We're a judgment free zone here and what that means is that we create an environment that's non-intimidating for all of our members.
members at planet fitness and family fitness center share one thing in common, motivation, added Planet Fitness Manager, Thomas Lucas.

"What motivates me is life is short, you only have one body, it's your pyramid and you take care of it. and you get up, really get off the couch and get motivated," said Justin Harwell.

"Once you get in here and do it for a couple of weeks, you'll automatically start feeling better. makes the aches and pains go away," replied Bill Cochren.

Regardless of the reason, it's never too late to work on your health.

Experts say one great exercise that can burn a lot of calories is swimming.

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