Staying Safe on the Roads

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Depending on how fast Friday's rain changes to snow, hitting the road Friday night may be, at best, an adventure.

In some ways this sounds like what we feared last week.

But the difference is this is Friday night - a night when more people routinely are trying to get somewhere.

State police in both West Virginia and Ohio have their usual patrols out, but they'll be keeping a sharper eye on things Friday night.

Their advice: if you need to get somewhere Friday night, take a little more time to get there safely.

"Anyone who's gone through Vienna the last few days knows it's like Manhattan, New York trying to get through there, so it's very difficult this time of the year," says West Virginia State Police Sgt. William Marshall. "The best thing is to be patient, stay off the phone, talking and texting, fasten your seat belt, and just allow more time to get to your location."

The Ohio State Highway Patrol also suggests preparing for the unexpected, such as a breakdown or a flat tire.

And keep your cell phone charged, because while you don't want to use it while driving, you might need it to contact emergency road services.

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