Staying Safe During Trick-or-Treat

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The one night when zombies, princesses, and super heroes all take to the streets, can be a child's favorite time, and a parent's big concern.

A mother, Shauntel Shook, says her daughter, Shilah, is excited to trick-or-treat and Shook wants to be sure her daughter can have fun, while still being safe.

"Me and her father always go with her, and always go to houses we know, we check the candy before she's allowed to eat it, hold her hand constantly because there's tons of trick-or-treaters," says Shook.

Marietta Police Captain, Jeff Waite, says those are all important things to remember as well as never allowing a child to go into a stranger’s house for any reason and to never allow them to eat homemade or non-factory wrapped treats from stranger. He explains using common sense and obeying rules truly can go a long way.

"Just obey general safety rules, cross at intersections," explains Captain Waite. "Make eye contact with strangers, make sure they see you."

Captain Waite also encourages groups and families to take a flashlight to be sure they can see where they are walking and also making them more visible to drivers. He also says to keep safety in mind when choosing a costume.

"Always good if the kids where a bright reflective costume, now if they pick something out that is not that reflective you can always buy reflective tape to put on in certain spots so they can easily be seen," says Captain Waite.

Captain Waite also encourages all drivers to be alert and patient during Halloween weekend. He says families should just be sure to discuss rules and expectations before going out for trick-or-treat.

Shook says although there are safety concerns she doesn't let that take away from the fun her daughter will have dressing up as a lion and enjoying the unavoidable.

"She gets scared of the scary people but she always has fun," says Shook.

Staying safe whether enjoying the trick -- or the treat.

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