Steel Stolen From Valley Gem Boat; A Man is Arrested

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A quick arrest after police say a man broke into the Valley Gem Boat taking over a thousand dollars worth of steel.

The Marietta Police Department says it all happened sometime Monday night.

Officers say surveillance footage shows Brent Deeter stealing nearly eleven-hundred dollars of steel cable.

Deeter told investigators earlier in the night he, his wife, and two kids climbed over the locked gated fence and visited the boat. He says his kids wanted to see it. Then Deeter says he went back alone but this time stealing sixteen, eight foot sections of steel cable trays, plus extension cords and a work light.

Investigators saw all this on surveillance and recognizing Deeter.

Executing a search warrant police found the stolen steel and drug paraphernalia in Deeter's Washington St. home.

Police say Deeter then admitted to the crimes saying he had a heroin addiction.

Deeter is charged with breaking and entering and theft, more charges are pending.

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