Step By Step Challenge

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Although the turnout wasn't as high as expected, participants still enjoyed cornhole, hula hoops, and inflatable games at the grand finale today at Mountwood Park.

The goal was to get kids and adults moving and to participate in a healthy lifestyle.

Change the future West Virginia encourages the Mid-Ohio
Valley to be physically active on a daily basis, and the step by step challenge helped many community members do so.

"As of today, I've lost 43.8 pounds so I joined the walking program to start doing more steps so my goal was to do over ten thousand steps a day so I've succeeded in that, today," participant Angela Reed stated.

Participants also got a great workout with Zumba and were given a free healthy lunch while learning about the food pyramid.

An expert was also there to help the healthy lifestyle seekers learn what types of plants are best to grow and eat.

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