Stolen Jewelry

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In June, two people were arrested in Washington County for multiple counts of burglary. Now, the sheriff's office has recovered a lot of that jewelry and wants to return it to the owners.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says if you had any jewelry stolen from you, call the office to claim it.

The two people who stole it are cooperating, however, they don't remember where they stole it from.

Vivian Baumgard was in the sheriff's office on Wednesday collecting some of her stolen items

She says, she never expected to get them back and is extremely grateful to the department

"I'm jittery inside, with the fact that I have gotten some things back and even in a shape that I can still use them. There was a turquoise ring, that I had gotten when I was a teenager in the 70's out in Arizona with my family and I did not think I would ever see that again especially when I started looking at how much it costs to replace those things," said Baumgard, victim of burglary.

The sheriff's office says only three people have come by to claim their jewelry.

To claim call: (740) 376-7070

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