Stolen Military Statues

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Her sons serve and protect overseas and she made a tribute to them. But someone had other ideas.

Broad daylight on a Thursday afternoon and something was visibly absent from this Parkersburg mom's front yard.

"I got out of my car and was like 'what happened here' and my statues were gone,” says Carolyn Paugh.

Her house was known for these pieces.

"There was a big one in one corner and two small ones in another corner in another part of the yard,” Paugh says.

Her army veteran son is at a loss.

"We’re rather angry about it,” says Ryan Paugh. “I just can't conceive how somebody could do something of that nature."

Carolyn found a way to honor her sons while they were guarding our freedom.

"I put the yellow roses out to represent yellow ribbons sort of and I put the statues,” she says. “I have a soldier and a sailor and I put them out to remember them."

The sailor is four-feet-tall and an imposing figure.

"He’s heavy; it's not something you can just walk up and grab,” Carolyn says.

Just a brazen act by those with no shame.

"Regular ornaments, I don't think it's right in any way,” Ryan says. “But I just can't figure out how someone would destroy a memorial."

A simple request -- return what's not yours.

"I want my statues back. These had significant meaning to us and it breaks my heart that they're gone,” Carolyn says, adding that she’d be happy if they drop them in her yard one night.

But she says the culprits need to be prosecuted if they're found.

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