Putting A Stop To Greyhound Racing In West Virginia For Good

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Representatives from Grey2K USA made a special visit to the Humane Society of Parkersburg to educate the community the dangers of greyhound racing.

"Today we're in West Virginia to release a report on the cruelty and waste of greyhound racing here in the mountaineer state. At this time, revenues are down 37 percent but the state continues to subsidize this cruel activity with tens of millions of dollars each year," says Grey 2K USA President and General Council, Christine Dorchak.

Two casinos in Cross Lanes and Wheeling are currently hosting dog racing involving the breed.

But Grey 2K USA believes it isn't a pleasant racing experience for the dogs.

"According to state records since 2008, nearly 5,000 greyhounds have been injured while racing at the state's two dog tracks. Several hundred dogs have died. This is cruelty that must be stopped," added Dorchak.

The law currently states that the casinos are required to have dog racing for people to gamble.

And Grey 2K USA is planning on bringing this issue to the lawmaker's attention.

"To begin with, there are humane reforms that the legislature and the state racing commission should consider, things that could make life better for greyhounds as long as this activity continues. And we're going to work with lawmakers and with state regulators to try and improve on these conditions at these facilities," Grey 2K USA Executive Director, Carey Theil replied.

President of the Humane Society of Parkersburg Board of Directors, Carrie Roe, thinks that Grey 2K USA spreading this awareness is an excellent idea for the state.

"The fact of them visiting us in Parkersburg is just an extra benefit. It gives us an opportunity to get to know them because we all kind of have common goals which is the proper passionate treatment of animals whether it's greyhounds or any kind of dog," Roe said.

An idea that help send greyhounds to loving homes they truly deserve.

This is Grey 2K USA's first time starting a campaign on greyhound racing in West Virginia.

They plan on going to state lawmakers to help put an end to the racing sometime next year.

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