Stores Sell Big for Game

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Area grocers are seeing a boost in business before the big game.

A Foodland in Parkersburg started prepping for the weekend super bowl rush about two weeks ago.

A display with all of the game day essentials sat at the front of the store.

And while most grabbed chips, dip and beer cases from it, some opted to serve up a less traditional menu.

Wenola griffin hit the pasta isle for some lasagna fixings.

"It'll go farther, there's going to be about eight to ten people there and they all like it so, somethin' different," said the super bowl party host.

A store manager expects the event will bring and extra three hundred people through the store.

He says the event provides a break from the lull in business that's typical of January and February.

Foodland offers some deals so low that it actually takes a hit, but the manager says that's offset by folks who end up doing all of their grocery shopping there.

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