Storm Keeps Dispatchers Busy

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Trees down, power out - all making for a really busy afternoon for dispatchers.

Rick Woodyard, Director of the Wood County 911 Center, says dispatchers took 222 calls between 1:30 and 4:00 Tuesday afternoon.

He says most of those calls were about trees and power lines down on roads and homes.

Woodyard says it appears the storm was sporadic throughout the county, with trees down in different locations throughout the county.

Specifically though, he said the Latrobe Street, Quincy Hill and St. Marys Avenue areas had a lot of damage.

"The dispatchers conducted themselves in a highly professional manner, keeping in mind that generally an 8 hour day results in about 400 calls," says Woodyard. "They fielded 222 calls in two and a half hours. They did an extremely good job in getting first responders on locations where they needed to be"

Woodyard added one of his senior dispatchers says he's never seen this type of call influx in his career.

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