Story Time with the First Lady

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West Virginia First Lady Joanne Tomblin stopped by Blennerhassett Elementary Monday for story time.

some students greeted her outside the building as the helicopter landed behind the school.

The First Lady read the book "Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy" to an excited audience.

It's a statewide effort to promote reading at a young age.

"The Governor and I are great proponents of education. And today I've been traveling around the state and actually promoting reading. And this is part of a promotions for reading program and to get kids motivated to read. Plus its been an opportunity to visit the schools and take a look at some of the positive things going on in our educational system. We often hear the negatives, but we don't always see the positives," says Tomblin.

Each student got their own copy of the book to take home. And in return, they gave first lady tomblin a little treat.

She then took a quick tour of the building before heading out of town.

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