Students Donate to Gospel Mission Food Pantry

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Holding an independent dance they called the Senior Bash, one local group of students donated over $2,000 to those in need Wednesday.

Four girls from the Marietta High School senior class presented a check for $2,275 to the Gospel Mission Food Pantry.

Taking proceeds from their ticket sales, they say they've worked with the food pantry before and wanted to help out.

"We just got the idea to, you know, kind of make it simple and have fun, and it was just easy for us to all recognize a good cause and give back," says Jillian Schwendeman, one of the students.

"This is a tremendous amount of money, and it's a wonderful 2014 group of graduates that came together," says pantry owner Candy Waite. "When their night was to have fun, they were also thinking of others that were in need."

Waite adds this is especially helpful in the summer months when more kids are out of school.

The money will all go to buying food.

The pantry already helps over 1,000 people every month and she expects this summer to be very busy.

The students are hoping the next class will carry on the tradition for years to come.

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