Students Learn First Hand About Importance Of Making Good Decisions

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Prom season is here and many local high schools are preparing for the big night this weekend.

Prom weekend. It's a time students at Parkersburg South High School look forward to the whole year.

Senior, Evan Slider says he's looking forward to, "hanging out with my friends. It's the last time we all get to hang out together at the big dance."

"I'm gonna rip up the dance floor with my awesome dance moves," says senior Tyler Richards.

But as the gowns and bow-ties are tried on, and the decorations go up, it's also a time for students to think about a danger that happens all too often.

"Prom is about going out and having fun and getting out with their friends. It is a time for fun and celebration, but you can have fun in other ways than getting drunk and wasted," says Parkersburg South Grad Stacey Fordyce.

For Fordyce, the dangers of drinking and driving hit close to home.
She got into a car with a drunk driver in 2006. He wrecked the car.Stacey was paralyzed.

"The vehicle veered to the right, crashing the car. it rolled three times and I was ejected out the back glass," she says.

Now she's taking her situation and turning into a lesson for students. "I want people to realize how important choices are. In one second, everything can change. You don't realize how important it is to make a good choice. You whole life depends on that choice."

A choice students are already thinking about, even before the big night.

"To have the guilt would be terrible if you did hurt somebody or yourself and the pain you'd put your friends and family through," Richards says.

"We have lost a lot of friends the past four years going to school here and losing someone this close to graduation would be devastating," adds Slider.

Students at South who signed the prom promise were entered into a contest. The winner of a drawing receives a limo service to prom this weekend.

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