Students Show Love Is Universal

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Marietta College students are showing love is universal with a photo campaign Monday.

"Love means fully accepting another person no matter who they might be or how they might identify," Lacey Caparanis, Marietta College student and President of The Alliance says.

ONLY LOVE. It's the campaign being shared across the valley by Marietta College students.

Caitlin Jones, LGBT Chair says, "we want students to be able to have a voice, to be able to stand for something to have a message."

A message to accept others no matter their differences.

"I think it's really important that we have a really accepting campus and be open. I think it's important for all of the campus to be involved so we can show we accept everyone," Caparanis adds.

A new organization on campus is helping to show the love.

"We just formed an LGBT Task Force here on campus. We wanted to make sure we did an open event for the entire community to come take a fun picture and support love and share a message of love and having fun," Jones explains.

The mission of the day is posing for a purpose, students are encouraged to get involved by showing how they love.

"Be able to come out, have some fun, stand for something. Marietta College students are showing love is universal and it's just as simple as something like taking a picture," Jones says.

"Only Love is about love. We should focus on the love aspect of it and not the sexuality part," says student, Ariel Ross.

The organization hopes to use the photo campaign as a way to show students and staff they care.

"We want to support people. We want to make sure we are supporting our students and our faculty and staff members. This is the start for many great things," Jones adds.

"A lot of other campuses don't have this opportunity. I think it's really important to take advantage of these opportunities," says Ross.

"We just want to promote that love is equal no matter who you are," adds Caparanis.

A "safe zone" will also be coming to the college soon where students will be able to talk to their professors privately about problems or concerns in their personal lives.

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