Students Compete in Mock Trials

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Washington County students played attorneys and witnesses in courtrooms around Marietta today.

"I really enjoy being in mock trial, and I'm getting practice for a profession i think I'll be interested in doing in the future."

Chelsea smith is a senior at warren high school, which argued its case at Washington County Common Pleas Court today.

Judge Lane presided over the group, and the men on either side of him scored the students based on their technique.

"[Things like] how well their objections were based in law, how well they were presented, and how well they were responded to," said Lane of the scoring criteria.

For Kim Wile, who teaches a mock trial course at Warren High School, it's a practice that builds their character.

"They learn so much, they grow so much, because they're able to talk to people, look at them in the eye, they just really have some substance to them," said Wile.

She says beyond that, students gain a firm grasp of the Constitution and can begin to understand Supreme Court cases.

But for Judge Lane, simply seeing teens in the courtroom as non-defendants makes him happy.

"It's nice to see young people that are dressed up, that are intelligent, that are healthy and that you just feel are going to have a future," he said.

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