Flash Mob in the Halls

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It's called a flash mob. A phenomenon sweeping the nation in the last few years.

To complete the month long dance unit kids spent days practicing for the flash mob. To make it more special for the students the other teachers were kept in the dark.

A secret code on the announcements, Code Polka Dot, alerted students to file into the hallway. Then the music started and so did the students.

"In physical education if we can find anything that they're really enjoying and they're out there enjoying and doing that. You're hope is that as they're growing and going on to middle and high school and beyond that that they find those things in physical education that they really enjoy and will continue with that whether it be dancing or other lifetime activities," says Vienna Elementary Physical Education teacher Cindy Turley.

More than 300 kids put on their dancing shoes for the surprise performance. Turley says it's all about finding ways to make active lifestyles more fun.

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