Substitute Teacher Arrested for Soliciting a Minor

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A former student teacher and current substitute teacher is arrested for soliciting a 15-year old student through social media.

The Jackson County Sheriff says 22-year-old man, Dusty Mullins, made suggestive remarks over facebook messaging.They say the Ravenswood man recently student taught at Parkersburg South High School and is currently a substitute teacher for Jackson County Schools, at Henry J Kaiser.

Investigators say the 15-year-old Parkersburg South student told her mom about the conversations after Mullins asked her to send a nude picture and made sexual comments. Also listed in the criminal complaint, comments like, " has been a fantasy of mine to get you alone for a while I must say..."

The Sheriff's Office says during questioning Mullins admitted to the comments and knowing she was 15. They also say he recognized the conversations as "widely inappropriate."

Mullins faces charges of solicitation of a minor via computer, use of obscene matter with intent to seduce a minor- two counts of attempt to commit a felony.

Jackson County Schools says they are currently reviewing his employment status but he has no assignments to be teaching in any schools at this point. They also say now with the charges they will be making recommendations to the board.

Wood County Schools does say Mullins did undergo a background check before student teaching during the fall and they never saw any indication of this.

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