Successful First Year For Inland Waterways Festival

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You rarely hear "first time's a charm" but for the organizers of the first Inland Waterways Festival in Marietta- that's exactly what year one was... "a charm."

"This was our first ever Inland Waterways Festival and the turnout has been phenomenal," says Glenna Hoff, Inland Waterways Festival organizer. "Even on Saturday, people were coming at 9:30 before we were ready for them. Just lots and lots of people. We were so tickled to see everyone come out and the response has been so positive."

The festival also brought new attention to the Ohio River Museum. Hoff says the first time festival helped the museum beef up local support.

"People see us and don't know what we are. They drive by and say 'I've driven by here for 30 years and didn't know what was in here.' And they come through and are really amazed at what we've got and are impressed with what we're trying to do."

Hoff says the wonderful response means planning next years Inland Waterways Festival will begin as early as Tuesday.

'It's just been wonderful. Lots of children's activities and lots of educational things and we just couldn't be happier with the turn out and the response that we've gotten," Hoff adds. "So, thank you community for coming out to see us."

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