Former Jail Administrators File Legal Cases Against Sheriff

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Updated: 4/08/2013 5:25 P.M.

Dean Ketelsen, the former Washington County Jail Administrator, was found not guilty more than a year ago, in connection with the theft of drugs from the county jail.

He has now re-filed a suit he dropped late last year, accusing Sheriff Larry Mincks of defamation.

Meanwhile, another former jail administrator, Jack Brum, has filed an unrelated writ of mandamus challenging what he says is the sheriff's decision last December not to issue him a retired deputies' identification card.

Brum says he retired as a peace officer with the sheriff's department, adding his commission was cancelled in 2009 by then-chief deputy Larry Stephens.

Ketelsen's filing, meantime, now alleges the sheriff referred to his guilt on the theft charge in a televised debate, six months after the not guilty verdict.

He dropped his original suit against the sheriff in October, 2012.

When contacted Monday, Sheriff Mincks says he was aware of these latest allegations, but had no comment on them.


Dean and Bonnie Ketelsen have filed a voluntary motion to dismiss their suit for damages against the Washington County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Larry Mincks.

On September 9th of 2012, Dean and Bonnie filed suit, on October 2nd, Sheriff Mincks' office filed a motion to dismiss, and on October 23rd, Dean and Bonnie filed to dismiss the complaint as well.

Earlier this year, Ketelsen was found not guilty in a civil trial stemming from the disappearance of prescription pills when he was the Washington County Jail administrator. Sheriff Mincks' attorney, Cheri Hass, says the suit has been dismissed "without prejudice" which means it could be brought up again in the future. However, Hass adds, she does not expect that will happen.

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