RFK, Jr. Talks About C8

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Update 2/14/2013 6:10 PM

The next phase of the C8 case came to town Wednesday night.

Two prominent lawyers highlighted what happens next; one local, and one with a well-known political name.

One of those attorneys is Robert F. Kennedy Junior, son of the late senator, who has represented clients on a variety of environmental issues.

He says his goal is to make sure people who suffered from any C8 related illnesses are fairly compensated.

"And that the people who require compensation for their injuries," Kennedy said, "proven injuries from exposure to C8, such as testicular cancer, kidney disease, stomach disease, that we're going to make sure they get redress."

A number of suits have been filed since the C8 Science Panel issued the last of its reports on links between the chemical and various illnesses.

DuPont, who has used C8 to make non-stick coatings, last week said issues such as family history and other factors could also be responsible, and that it would fight any suit not based on science.


Update 2/13/2013 4:36 PM

Several lawsuits filed, with more likely to come.

And tonight, the public will get an update on the legal end of the C8 case.

Charleston attorney Harry Deitzler is holding the meeting.

He is one of several attorneys filing suits on behalf of residents, who believe they have been affected by the chemical.

He will be joined by noted trial attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. , son of the late senator, who is serving as Deitzler's co-counsel.

"He also did the movie, ' The Last Mountain', which had to do with some of the devastation from Mountaintop Removal mining," Deitzler said. "And he was counsel in the trial in Clarksburg regarding what DuPont did to the citizens there, regarding the West Virginia smelter facility."

That meeting will be held at the Blennerhassett School Auditorium, and will begin tonight at 7:00.

The C8 Science Panel found a probable link by the chemical used by DuPont Washington works and a variety of illnesses, including thyroid disease and two forms of cancer.


Update: 2/08/2013 5:05 P.M.

In October, the C8 Science Panel issued the last of a series of reports on the effects of the chemical DuPont Washington Works used for years to make non-stick coatings.

Since then, a number of individual lawsuits have been filed, charging exposure to c8 resulted in a variety of illnesses, including some forms of cancer.

Charleston attorney Harry Deitzler, who represented litigants in the class-action suit which led to the science panel's formation, filed the latest of those recent suits Thursday.

"They explain in detail the length of time DuPont knew exactly what was going on and chose to ignore it," Deitzler said in a telephone interview Friday.

DuPont's corporate office issued this statement:

"Lawsuits such as these ignore family history and lifestyle choices as the primary cause of health issues and disease in specific individuals."

Company spokesman Dan Turner went on to say DuPont will vigorously defend against any and all lawsuits not based upon valid science.

Deitzler says that the suits that have so far been filed, and others filed later on, will be consolidated in federal court.

"But then, they all go back into local court for individual trials," he said, "because we have to show the damages for each specific person, and those differ. So, in most situations, that cannot be handled as a class action."

Organizations such as the EPA have also been looking into the effects of C8.

DuPont has been phasing out the use of the chemical in its manufacturing operations.


Two Wood County residents have filed suit against plastics maker DuPont, claiming the company intentionally contaminated drinking water with C8.

Attorney Harry Dietzler filed two separate lawsuits in district court yesterday on behalf of two Wood County residents.

Both suits allege DuPont contaminated drinking water in the area with the chemical C8.

Both are seeking compensation and punitive damages for bodily injury associated with the contaminated drinking water.

Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is listed as co-counsel and will be in Parkersburg next week to discuss the matter at the C8 update meeting at Blennerhassett School.

This past year the C8 science panel did find what they call a probable link between the chemical C8 and high cholesterol, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease and testicular cancer.

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