Summer Ticks

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It's that time of year, and with the warmth comes the bugs.

Jessica Woods, interim regional epidemiologist at the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department says ticks are found mostly in wooded or tall grassy areas and typically in the eastern part of the state.

But she says they're also moving southward along the coast and moving farther west.

As for Wood County, she's not overly concerned.

"We haven't had any more reports than normal on ticks and we've gotten no information that suggests there are more ticks this season than usual," Woods says.

Woods says they've seen ticks that can carry Lyme disease in this area but none of them have been confirmed as actually carrying the virus.

She says to protect yourself -- wear bug spray with at least 20 percent Deet, thin protective clothing if you're going to be in tick prone areas and check yourself for ticks anytime you've been outside.

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